Storage Problem? You need storage lockers

Apartments are not known for their storage space - create more and add value with these secure, robust storage lockers, made right here in Auckland, New Zealand.

Living in a modern apartment or terrace dwelling is great but the question often asked is “where do I store all the stuff that I have accumulated over the years”. You could possibly sell it I suppose, or hire an offsite garage or perhaps just give it away to friends or family.

But hey! This is probably your good stuff like sports equipment which you will need in the winter or summer, books, photos, clothes, records, suit cases, garden equipment, car cleaning equipment. DIY stuff which you may still need, push chairs, strollers, kid’s stuff and all sorts of personal items that you are not ready to eliminate from your life just yet.

Well good news, JALOC have listened to you and we are very pleased to introduce you to our range of architecturally suited storage space saving lockers which will meet your challenging dilemma of what do I do with your stuff.

Our JALOC engineers have designed a range of secure storage space saving lockers to accommodate an ever demanding need to provide accessible on site lockable storage containers which offer a number of storage options depending on your situation and space available.

Designed specifically for a basement garage location or external carport the JALOC range of storage lockers offer storage solutions for a variety of applications.

The JALOC storage lockers are manufactured right here in New Zealand, The Single door upright lockers, Over the bonnet storage lockers, Two door Dual upright lockers, The Dual level storage lockers and a range of commercial and industrial cabinets and containers to meet many storage requirements.

The JALOC Storage products can be powder coated to a colour of your choice from the Dulux range of standard Dulon colours.

The JALOC storage lockers are manufactured using CNC technology for accurate panel assembly and the latest in Sheet metal design and construction.

This unique storage product has been developed over the years to meet our customer’s specification for an attractive, strong, secure, reliable storage facility to protect your most valuable possessions.

Whether you live in an apartment or let-out residential rental units, you'll be all too aware of the space-squeeze that's part and parcel of apartment dwelling & design. Jaloc is the answer: secure, customisable lockers sold either individually or for complete apartment blocks.

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