Storage Lockers

Carpark Storage Locker

​Carpark Storage Lockers, sometimes known as 'over bonnet storage' are a great way of using this otherwise wasted utility space for secure storage.

These are ideal when built-in to a new apartment development, but can also be added after the fact by apartment owners. Secure, robust, and ideal for keeping sports equipment and other gear out of your apartment space.

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Custom designs

We have the capability to create a wide range of customisations of these lockers: increasing the height from ground level, changing the shape of the locker to suit the site, changing the hardware, adding perforated panels to meet fire sprinkler regulations, and more. Please ask us if you require some level of customisation.

Whether you live in an apartment or let-out residential rental units, you'll be all too aware of the space-squeeze that's part and parcel of apartment dwelling & design. Jaloc is the answer: secure, customisable lockers sold either individually or for complete apartment blocks.