Storage lockers custom designed to fit your site requirements, expertly made and professionally installed.


Secure storage lockers for apartment buildings, proudly manufactured right here in New Zealand and installed on-site.


Meet your new space saver, proudly manufactured right here in New Zealand and installed on-site.


Proprietry designs, Custom made to order.


Perfect Patio Storage – Declutter your living area.

CHOSEN by New Zealand's leading designers and constructors

Jaloc are proud to have worked recently with prolific companies such as  CMP, Clearwater, Dominion, Ganellen, Kalmar, Oceania, Metlifecare, Ockham, Southbase, Waide, Watts & Hughes.

We are a leading storage solution for New Zealand Multi Unit Residential Housing and are specified by architects specializing in this field.

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Jaloc design, manufacture and install cabinets to suit the most prestigious homes.

Our made to order lockers can be designed to fit your exact space and loading requirements.

Select from our range of Models:


Over Bonnet Locker

Secure storage in your car parking space.

Made to fit your building.

Jaloc Outdoor Storage Unit

Bicycle Locker

Lock adult and children’s bikes away neatly.

Includes space for accessories.

Upright Locker

Versatile personal storage unit.

Constructed for indoor or exposed environments.

Dual Upright 

 Secure cabinet with 2  doors and removable shelves.

Store tall and short items.

An outdoor stand alone storage container

Dual Level

3 Separate compartments.

Suitable for home and workplace.

Powerhouse & Industrial

Covers and housings for compressors, heat pumps, generators and other mechanical service equipment.

Jaloc Partition Locker System Mt Eden Auckland

Partition Locker 

 Transform wasted space into lockable storage rooms. Made to fit your building requirements. 

An outdoor stand alone storage container

Patio Locker

Architecturally Designed for Patio, Deck and Garden.

Ideal for BBQ and Pool areas.

Jaloc Mail Boxes. Made to order to fit Foyer Wall Cavity.

Mail Boxes and Parcel Lockers

Stylish Mail Boxes, made for indoor and outdoor.

Made to order, to suit your tastes and needs.


Jaloc can customise a locker to fit in almost any space.

Jaloc is Rodent resistant!

Here are some examples:




Jaloc (pronounced ‘JAY LOCK’) is a division of Eaglewire Products 2013 Limited. We are based in East Tamaki, the industrial epicenter of Auckland.

Our team has a collective background of construction, product design, mechanical engineering, aluminium and steel fabrication, automotive restoration and sheetmetal engineering.

Eaglewire was founded in 1954 and is a specialist of manufacturing in metal. Our range includes: Mesh – standard and made to order apertures, Gabions, Clips + Ties, Fan Guards, Bins, Display Stands, Brick Locks + Ties, Trolleys, Brackets and Jigs. We operate alongside Reninks Wrought Iron – experts in steel Balustrades, Gates, Screens and Decorative Iron.

We pride ourselves on making solutions for Architects, Builders, Construction Companies, Developers and Residential home owners.



Custom Colour Range

Your storage locker is custom painted the colour you want.

We recommend the Dulux Duralloy powdercoating range.

Whether you’re an Apartment Owner, Property  Developer, Facilities Manager, Construction Manager, Quantity Surveyor or Architect we are happy to provide a detailed quote for your storage needs.

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