Custom Made Storage Lockers

Jaloc design to suit your storage requirements.

New Zealand is a place of unique building solutions. Jaloc is founded on our engineering skills. We will collaborate with you to create a locker that meets your needs. Our years of experience and extensive knowledge of manufacturing leads to great design solutions.



Custom designs

Because we manufacture locally, we have the capability to create a wide range of customized solutions and products: letterboxes, cubby holes, bicycle storage, fitting in around services, open panels for visibility and ventilation, specialized hardware, wall mountings, hinged doors, weatherproofing, stainless steel construction, maximum security, custom signage, logos, room numbers, multi-user locks, patina paint finishes, special weight requirements and more.

Please ask us about your special storage needs.


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See our range of lockers

Our Jaloc engineers have designed a range of secure storage lockers and cabinets for New Zealand apartment living.

Over Bonnet Locker

Over Bonnet Storage Lockers, sometimes known as 'over bonnet storage' are a great way of using this otherwise wasted utility space for secure storage.

Dual Level Locker

This locker includes two levels of storage. The upper level, 2.8 m3 is separated from the lower level with a folded reinforced sheet metal base

Upright Locker

This locker is a sliding door sheet metal storage Unit with a single side shelf able to be positioned at different heights on the left-hand side of the locker.

Dual Upright Locker

The Dual Upright sheet metal storage locker is a secure lockable cabinet with two sliding doors designed to give maximum storage capacity.

Mail Boxes

Residential and commercial purpose from  stainless steel sheet and powder coated electro galv sheet. Banked for Multi Unit Dwellings

Powerhouse & Industrial

A robust weatherproof, rust resistant indoor/ outdoor steel fabricated locker designed specifically to protect expensive equipment