Dual Level Storage Locker

The largest Jaloc storage solution.

Available as Made-to Order in your preffered Size and Configuration. The Dual Level Storage Locker offers maximum storage in a shared allotment.

The upper level, is separated from the lower level with a folded reinforced sheet metal base which is removable if required.

Access to the upper level is through a lifting door supported by two gas filled struts fitted to each end of the door. This makes the opening process of lifting the door very easy.

The lower level is accessible through two hinged doors (left and right hinging) opening outwards. Sliding Doors are optional.

The Dual Level Locker is made from strong folded galvanized chassis and panels designed to give the locker maximum integrity and a neat & tidy exterior finish.

The door hardware includes robust pull handles and compression latch key operated barrel locking system. Hardened Pin butt hinges and gas assist lifts make for smooth door operation.

Screw in height adjustable mounting feet are strategically placed to support the total loaded weight of the locker. We can secure to the ground or wall for earthquakes and vandalism protection.

A perforated top panel is available for building compliance when situated under a fire sprinkler system.

An attractive, strong, secure and reliable container for your most valuable possessions. Ideal for storing sporting equipment, bicycles, luggage, scooters, pool chemicals, gardening tools, seasonal decorations, linen, and clothing.  Suitable for industrial and commercial use, such as caretakers shed, maintenance equipment storage, tool cabinet, dry goods store, tool chest etc.


Because we manufacture locally, we offer customized solutions, such as:

-high clearance

-low clearance

-custom shapes / cut outs

-wall mountings

-hinged doors

-gas assist doors

-perforated panels to meet fire sprinkler regulations

-stainless steel construction

-custom signage, logos, room numbers

-multi-user locks

-patina paint finishes

Please ask us about your special storage needs.

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