Outdoor Storage Cabinets

Jaloc Patio Storage Locker.

This New Zealand made metal storage unit is architecturally suited for patio, deck and carport areas, at the home or office.

3 configurations are available – a low, wide twin door cubby, an upright single door cabinet, and upright twin hinged door cabinet.

The body and door is made from precision folded electro galvanized steel panels riveted together using mono stainless steel rivets. The locker is designed for outdoor use by a considered construction that prevents water ingress. Panels and butyl seals fit together with a pitched cap – style top.  A drip edge helps to prevent water from entering the doorway. Vented louvers prevent internal condensation. The locker can be constructed from stainless steel sheet for corrosive or coastal environments.

The door hinges on stainless steel butt hinges, jamb mounted for security. The outdoor locker uses a robust flush mounted rotating handle and a compression latch key operated barrel lock system, with a 3 point locking mechanism. Clasp style lock latches are available for padlock use. The locker height can be levelled up to 50mm using screw in adjustable feet or packers. Internal shelves and hanging rods are available.

The locker is specially designed to comply with New Zealand building regulations (F4 Safety from falling) when positioned against a balustrade.

The Jaloc Patio Locker will compliment and extend your outdoor living space. Ideal for the courtyard, terrace, patio, deck, alfresco, verandah, balcony, piazza, or porch to stash garden tools, sports gear, BBQ tools, toys, small bikes, patio furniture, animal toys, school bags, bean bags, raincoats, pool chemicals and cleaning supplies.

A premium storage solution that is made to order in the size, style and color you require. 


Because we manufacture locally, we offer customized solutions, such as:

-high clearance

-low clearance

-custom shapes / cut outs

-wall mountings

-hinged doors

-gas assist doors

-perforated panels to meet fire sprinkler regulations

-stainless steel construction

-custom signage, logos, room numbers

-multi-user locks

-patina paint finishes

Please ask us about your special storage needs.

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