Jaloc Powerhouse and Industrial

Jaloc offers an ideal solution to provide protection for mechanical plant, gas meters, and Tool Boxes.

The Jaloc Powerhouse plant enclosure is a robust weatherproof, rust resistant indoor/ outdoor steel fabricated locker designed specifically to protect expensive power generators, air compressors, heat pumps, condensers, refrigeration compressor units, gas supply equipment, and electrical switching plant.

Built to withstand severe weather conditions and general day to day commercial use. Secure to keep passers by safe from moving parts and heat.

An attractive enclosure complete with full ventilation with purpose designed louver panels. Security and safety of passers by is maintained while helping to prevent mechanical plant from overheating.

The unique louvered panels are fitted with insect and vermin proof screens to the interior. Drip tray floor is available.

The Jaloc Powerhouse is available in a standard modular format or alternatively Jaloc can supply a site specific design to meet a different set of dimensions. If the location access proves to be difficult Jaloc offer a kitset for site assembly. Construction is all galvanised steel with hinged lockable doors, commercial grade hardware, heavy gauge galvanised steel lifting lugs bolted to the enclosure for roof installation, steel channel compressor rails, mechanical plant mountings and secure base fixings to concrete, timber or steel. Want to blend in with the surroundings? Jaloc offer Dulux Powder coat color options if required.

Custom Made to order – we manufacture to fit your site.



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Powerhouse & Industrial

A robust weatherproof, rust resistant indoor/ outdoor steel fabricated locker designed specifically to protect expensive equipment