Partition System

The Jaloc solution for safe site storage.


This New Zealand made Jaloc Partition Mesh Locker System is architecturally suited for a covered apartment garage or basement storage area.

This proprietary design storage locker is a series of lintels, panels and posts that can incorporate a hinged door and multi-position shelfs.

It is manufactured to order, to suit installation site. Size is typically within 1000-1500mm deep, 2200mm high from ground, 900-1500mm wide.

The Jaloc Partition Mesh Locker is made from folded electro galvanised posts bolted together with corner gussets. Panels are secured using machine threaded bolts and locking nuts to secure either wire or sheet based panels.

The locker can be fitted with an optional perforated top panel when installed under a building fire sprinklers. Mesh can be substituted for sheet metal, enabling laser cut patterns for decorative effect or privacy.

The door is hinged on hardened steel pins and is supplied with a hasp latch to fit a standard padlock. Twin hinged doors are fitted on locker width typically over 1000mm.

The locker height and level can be adjusted using galvanised screw in M10 adjustable feet to approximately 50mm. Locker sections can be stepped in order to cover steep gradients in the floor. Footplates have tags for secure bolting to the ground.

Versitile design, can be utilised for tools, recycling waste storage, rubbish collection, scrap metal collection, sports equipment storage, event equipment storage, spare parts store, flammable goods store, caretaker storage.

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