Dual upright 1800mm


The New Zealand made JALOC Dual Upright – folded sheet metal locker is architecturally suited for an apartment garage or basement car park area. The custom designed Dual Upright sheet metal storage locker is a secure lockable cabinet with two sliding doors designed to give maximum space storage capacity. Removable metal shelf is supplied to split the storage space into two halves for improved organising of your valuable items, visual searching and better use of the available space.

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The locker provides a total of 1.95 m^3 of storage space. The base and shelving panels are reinforced folded sheet metal held together using rivets

Door hardware is a robust economical flush mounted pull handle and compression latch with a key operated barrel lock system. Doors slide in folded sheet metal channels on hardened nylon wheels secured with stainless axles.

These storage containers are under just under 2 cubic metres so do not require a perforated roof but have a 150x200mm vent for when used indoors under a buildings sprinkler system.

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Design & Materials

Locker dimensions = 1800mm long, 600mm deep, 1800mm high + Mounting feet,

Lockers are designed and manufactured in New Zealand to NZ standards using CNC technology and the latest sheet metal machinery.

The unique JALOC designed storage cabinets have been developed over the years to meet our customer’s very demanding specification for an attractive, strong, secure and reliable container for the  of your most valuable possessions.

Functional Specs

1800mm Wide x 600mm Deep x 1800mm High

Internal volume is Approx. 1.95〖 m〗^3