Jaloc Patio Locker


Typical Specifications:

Storage Capacity: 1.2  Cubic Meters

Single or Hinged Door.

Single point quarter turn key lock.

Indoor and Outdoor versions available.

Custom colors and size available.

Made to order.

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This New Zealand made Jaloc Outdoor – Folded sheet metal locker is architecturally suited for patio, deck and carport areas. The custom designed Jaloc Outdoor Upright Storage Locker is a hinged door sheet metal storage cabinet with a single shelf which can be positioned at different heights inside the locker.

The body and door is made from folded electro galvanised steel panels riveted together using mono stainless steel rivets. The locker is designed for outdoor use by a considered construction that prevents water ingress. Panels and butyl seals fit together with a cap style pitched top, at approximately 2 degrees.

A drip edge helps to prevent water from entering the doorway. Vented louvres prevent internal condensation. The locker can be constructed from stainless steel sheet for corrosive or coastal environments. The door hinges on stainless steel butt hinges, jamb mounted for security.

The outdoor locker uses a robust flush mounted rotating handle and a compression latch key operated barrel lock system, with a 3 point locking mechanism. Clasp style lock latches are available for padlock use. The locker height can be levelled up to 50mm using screw in M10 adjustable feet.

Design & Materials

The locker is manufactured from Galvanised sheet steel,and stainless steel rivets. The design incorporates overlapping panels for weather tightness. Surface finish is powder coated for appearance and durability. Doors hinge on 65mm hardened pin hinges. Quarter Turn locking handle is standard.

The Jaloc lockable storage cabinets are manufactured in New Zealand using CNC Technology and modern sheet metal machinery. Patio Locker is ideal for outdoor storage on terraces, stoops, decks, and other al-fresco areas.The Jaloc proprietary design cabinets have been developed over the years to satisfy most apartment based storage needs.

Functional Specs


  • 900mm Wide x 600mm Deep x 2000mm High
  • Internal volume is Approx. 1.05 cubic meters.
  • The door opening is 500mm Wide x 1900mm High.


  • 1400mm Wide x 600mm Deep x 1000mm High
  • Internal volume is Approx. 1.2 cubic meters.
  • The door opening is 1250mm Wide x 800mm High.
Patio Storage Locker Upright – Low Patio Storage Locker Upright – Upright