Upright Storage Locker

The Jaloc Upright Locker is a sturdy, stylish storage solution.

Standard configuration is a single sliding door, single side shelf. 

The cabinet is made from precision folded metal panels fitted together with a robust construction.

Indoor and Outdoor versions are available. For Outdoors, the panels are flashed and sealed to ensure weather proofing. For Indoors, they are available with an optional perforated top panel for fire sprinkler regulations.

The door is optional sliding on hardened nylon wheels, or hinged on hardened steel pins.

The Upright Locker uses a robust flush mounted pull handle and a compression latch key operated barrel lock system. Custom locking systems are optional.

 Adjustable mounting feet and bolt tabs ensure your locker is level and secure.

The shelf is able to be positioned at different heights on the left hand side of the locker. Multiple and custom shelf arrangements are possible. Hanging rods for jackets, uniforms etc are optional.

Options include hinged doors (twin and single), extra shelving, ventilation grilles, multi-point-locking, custom sizes and shapes to suit your site.

Ideal for storing tall and small treasures clean, safe and away and out of your living space.

Because we manufacture locally, we have the capability to create a wide range of customized solutions, such as:

-high clearance

-low clearance

-custom shapes / cut outs

-wall mountings

-hinged doors

-gas assist doors

-perforated panels to meet fire sprinkler regulations

-stainless steel construction

-custom signage, logos, room numbers

-multi-user locks

-patina paint finishes

Please ask us about your special storage needs.

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Custom made storage solutions, engineered for New Zealand conditions

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Our Jaloc engineers have designed a range of secure storage lockers and cabinets for New Zealand apartment living.

Over Bonnet Storage Locker

Over Bonnet Storage Lockers, sometimes known as 'over bonnet storage' are a great way of using this otherwise wasted utility space for secure storage.

Dual Level Storage Locker

This locker includes two levels of storage. The upper level, 2.8 m3 is separated from the lower level with a folded reinforced sheet metal base

Upright Lockers

This locker is a sliding door sheet metal storage Unit with a single side shelf able to be positioned at different heights on the left-hand side of the locker.

Dual Upright Locker

The Dual Upright sheet metal storage locker is a secure lockable cabinet with two sliding doors designed to give maximum storage capacity.

Industrial Lockers

Whatever purpose from robust galvanised sheet. Stainless steel sheet and powder coated electro galv sheet. Material gauge can be from .95 to 2mm.

Jaloc Powerhouse

A robust weatherproof, rust resistant indoor/ outdoor steel fabricated locker designed specifically to protect expensive Equipment